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My name is Gigliola (that’s the same as Gillian), I am a forty-five-years-old journalist and a professional tourist guide.
At the time of AOTC shooting here on Lake Como I was so fortunate to be admitted on set during the shootings (courtesy of Mrs. Lynne Hale, Chief of Communications of Mr. Lucas, and of the italian society for movie services Mestiere Cinema from Venice);
so I'm able to escort tourists on location.

As a professional guide, I'm obliged to demand official tarifs, that's to say 125 Euros per group for Half Day service (this is for travel agencies. For private citizens we apply a 20 per cent discount that is 100 Euros), but I won't absolutely "make money" from Star Wars, so my fee (detracted of expenses) will be sent to a charity fund raising (for instance, for the first years it was a fund raising for Saharawy children living in the refugee camp of Tindouf, Algeria).

A complete Star Wars on location Tour lasts about three hours to be spent through the three locations:

-Villa Balbianello at Lenno (gondola landing stage, first kiss, Anakin's awakening at dawn after his nightmare, wedding scene, cut scene in Padme's bedroom, cut scene of dialogue between Anakin and Padmé's father)

- Tremezzo public garden (cut scene: gondola landing stage for departure from Naboo to Tatooine)
- private grazing in the mountain hamlet Rogaro (picnic scene).



Entrance ticket to Villa Balbianello gardens (5 euros per person) is NOT included.
Taxi boat to and from the villa (5 euros per person) is NOT included: you can choose to reach the villa walking (about 15 min.) on some days only. Upon request, it's possible to visit the villa's interiors with local escort, In this case the ticket is 8 euros per person + 45 euros per group (but you don't need to pay these extra euros because I'm an authorized escort for Villa Balbianello),
and reservation is compulsory to tel. 0039.0344.56110 (I can do it myself for my groups. But if you wish a visit to Balbianello only, please contact this number). Balbianello will open on mid-March and close October 31, visit hr. 10-18 every day except Monday and Wednesday.

Small tip for the picnic meadow's farmer is INCLUDED (it's a private meadow, but I've obtained permission from the owners for me and my friends or customers). For very small groups (up to four people) transport to and from the three location by (my) car is INCLUDED (in the area Lenno-Griante). I'm able to perform the tour in English or French. Please remember that services booked and cancelled during the 24 hours before the scheduled meeting should be fully paid. Please don't send hoaxes. I'm a serious and trusty worker. Thanks.

- the Balbianello is usually closed on MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY
- the picnic meadow has recently been sold, so it could be impossible for us to physically enter it. In that case we'll watch from the road (ruefully) and visit another place: the building where the Lucas headquarters were.

thanks for contacting me
dr. Gigliola Foglia
via Brentano 10-g  22011 Griante CO Italy
tel. 0344.40288

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