Griante Cadenabbia , Lake Como . A fragrant blend of art, relaxation and culture. Contemplation reigns here.

A green and blue strip of water and lush vegetation in the shape of a forked tongue, Lake Como looks south towards the industrial heart of Northern Italy and Milan, its financial capital, and north to the almost always snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps of the Engadin in the Grisons Canton.

The area around the lake offers excellent tourist hospitality, especially in the central part known as “Tremezzina” or the “Riviera of the Azaleas” for the multicoloured blossoms that burst into flower at the beginning of spring..
Together with Cernobbio and Bellagio, it is in Griante Cadenabbia , one of the queens of the lake and a prestigious international tourist destination with its excellent hotels and the more familiar, intimate and exclusive residences scattered throughout the area, that beautiful geometric plantings forming elegant gardens and inspiring hymns to contemplation can be found.  

Cadenabbia lies on the shore opposite Bellagio.

Visited in the past by famous personalities such as Giuseppe Verdi and Konrad Adenauer, the German Chancellor, who regularly holidayed here at Villa La Collina , in the far off 19th century, Griante Cadenabbia also charmed the American writer, Henry  Wadsworth Longfellow, who wrote:

I ask myself, Is this a dream?
Will it all vanish into air?
Is there a land of such supreme
And perfect beauty anywhere?

Today, tourists from all over the world, Australians, Americans, North Europeans, Russians, Swiss and Canadians, and even some from the Arab Emirates, animate its lakeside, wander through the ancient village and climb up to the Sanctuary of San Martino perched high above.
All on a voyage of discovery of an area made enchanting by colourful gardens, spectacular parks and sumptuous historic villas, full of the harmonious sounds of nature interrupted only by solemn, enveloping silence. The beauty of the landscape has been preserved with complete respect for the environment. This is at the heart of its attraction.
From Griante we start out on an imaginary tour to discover Villa Carlotta , Villa La Collina , Villa Maresi, Villa Melzi in Bellagio and Villa del Balbianello in Lenno, owned by the  FAI, the Italian National Trust. The latter was the location for George Lucas’s film “Star Wars : Episode II - Attack of the Clones” .
Locations used for the films form the theme of an original and very interesting travel guide “Lake Como & Villa del Balbianello” written by Belgian, Mark Dermul. A copy can be ordered at www.lulu.com or directly from the author on www.markdermul.be/naboo
Lake Como and Griante Cadenabbia offer readers the not to be missed opportunity to explore an area of unequalled beauty and first rate hospitality.
Gigliola Foglia is the professional tour guide recommended to accompany you on this voyage of discovery. gigliola.foglia@tin.it  - 0039. 0344.40288).


Griante (located   near Menaggio and Tremezzo) is one of the most well known towns on Lake Como and since the end of the 18th century has been one of British Tourists favourite holiday resorts.

Its beautiful sumptuous villas have hosted many important visitors over the centuries  like Giuseppe Verdi ,the British queen Victoria and the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

The town is divided   in two parts Cadenabbia on the lake and above the historic centre of Griante which you can reach along a scenic flight of cobble stone steps.

Here , you can find two beautiful   and just renovated  holiday apartments:
Azalea House and Glicine House, where will be able spend your holidays in the silence  and in the sounds of the nature.



Stendhal  wrote  in the “ La Chartreuse de Parma “, description of Griante . (http://www.cadenabbiadigriante.com )


….”Everything is noble and delicate, everything speaks of love, nothing reminds the ugliness of civilisation. The villages placed halfway up the hills are sheltered by trees, and above the tops of the trees rises the fine architecture of their slender bell towers.

If, from time to time, some small fields, fifty yard wide, interrupt the "bouquets" of chestnut and cherry wild trees, the satisfied eye sees the plants growing happier and more vigorous then anywhere else.

Beyond these hills, which host some hermitages where everyone would like to live, the enchanted eyes discover the picks of the Alps, always covered with snow, and their majestic austerity reminds the strife of life, and this increases the voluptuousness of the present hour.



The imagination is moved by the far away twinkling of a bell, coming from some small village hidden under the trees; and the sounds brought by the water that sweeten them, assume the colour of soft melancholy and meekness that seems to tell men:" life passes by quickly, do not be reluctant towards the happiness that comes to you, reach out and enjoy it."

The language of these enchanting places, that have no equal in the world, gave back to the Countess' heart the feelings of when she was sixteen.”



And   E. W. LongFellow  wrote  in the  summer   1872:

….” I ask myself is this a dream?
Will it all vanish into air?
Is there a land of such supreme
And perfect beauty anywhere?”…

….” A place of  the  enchantment ,where  nature and art  fill eyes and minds
where look at  yourself in the lake  allows to catapult him in the history

  • be true  or fictionalized …”

Lake   Como,  WELCOME YOU. Have a nice trip.


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